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Transfer Forging Press
Strong anti eccentric carrying capacity and double connecting-rod configuration makes stressed point of connecting-rod be same with downward base, which is suitable for complex fittings and multi-station hot mould forging.
The length of pilot is 1.3~1.5 times of general press.
"X" type guide rail can ameliorate heating and expansion that is suitable for forging technology especially.
Eccentric pin configuration reduces stress clearance of machine tool that is suitable for precise forging technology.
It adopts Germany clutch and trig technology that enhances creditability of machine and convenient for maintenance.
The body adopts whole armor plate jointing and the rigidity enhances 3~5 times, compared with same tonnage general press.
Special packing compact height adjustment configuration can guarantee no change of close height of mould during moulding process and guarantee same dimension of forgings.
Main fittings: Eccentric shaft and press pin adopts alloy steel. The stressed angle of eccentric shaft is larger 4~5 times of general press that guarantees stability of main stressed fittings during over load.
Tonnage monitor system adopts advanced tonnage monitor system +PLC imported from American Helm company that can guarantee creditability of press.
Special eccentric wheel upward lifting and adjustable machinery downward lifting configuration makes users feel handy during operation.

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