Friction Welding Machine,Continuous Casting Line
Forging Press,Copper Wire Production,Automatic Peeling Machine
automatic peeling machine,electrical furnace
  valve body machining special machine
     single bibcock valve body of bathroom making special machine
     Transfer brass Valve Rotary boring tapping cutting machine
     Flexible rotary transfer machine brass valve production line
     Joint processing rotary transfer machine
     auto brass ball valve body production line producing machine
     copper melting furnace automatic copper bar equipment
     Automatic brass ball making machine mirror surface
     Automatic drilling machine multi station punching machine
     Ball valve automatic assembly machine
     Brass coil used continuous drawing machine
     peeling machine for brass tube hexagon bar straightening
     closed die forging machine for brass valve making machine
     Brass alloy metal bars rods casting machine
     Three-way joint pipe processing rotary transfer machine
     Automatic numerical control machine
     Full automatic numerical control machine
     Automatic hydraulic lathe machine(tapping type)
     Full automatic hydraulic machine(tapping type)
     Automatic turning/milling machine brass valve making machine
     Automatic milling slot machine brass valve making machine
     Punch machine brass valve making machine line
     Brass bar cutting machine cnc plasma cutting machine
     Automatic pipe cutting machine cnc laser cutting machine
     small melting furnace for copper scrap Power furnace
     Hot Forging Press For Brass Plumbing Valve
     brass valves complete production lines valve forging machine
     Swiss type double-axis cnc machine
     Hot Sale Brass Ball Valve Transfer Rotary Machine
     valve special purpose machine
     brass valve making rotary transfer machine
     Brass Valve Making special transfer Machine
     Automatic bonnet rotary transfer special machine
     Hot Sale Brass Ball Valve Transfer Rotary Machine
     Valve processing one time molding special machine
     brass valve rotary transfer machine and auttomatic
     automatic transfer machine of bonnet
     Automatic bonnet making special machine
     ball valve line transfer machine
     Pre-filter making special machine
  Graphite molds
     Silicified graphite AND graphite composites
     High quality temperature carbon steel quality pure graphite
     Graphite Molten Aluminum Degassing Graphite Rotor Coating
     high temperature resistance gold custom graphite ingot molds
     Graphite Product Custom Graphite Ingot Molds
     die casting refractory carbon graphite mold
     Customized Graphite Ingot Copper Casting Graphite Mold
     customize metallurgy industry graphite gold bar mold
     continous casting machine die casting mould graphite die
     High Density Graphite Plate Graphite moulding
     Customized graphite rotor aluminum die casting graphite mold
     Metallurgy Industry Furnace Die Pressed Graphite Block
     Metallurgy Industry Die-pressed Carbon Graphite Block
     High Purity Die Molded Graphite Crucible Continuous Casting
     Die Casting High Purity Graphite Glass Molds
     High Density Die Graphite Molded Graphite Block
     High Pure graphite mould Graphite Mold Die for Brass Casting
     Metallurgy Industry Graphite Mold Die-formed Graphite Rod
     graphite Electronic moulding sintering die mold
     1.62-1.85g/cm3 90Mpa aluminum die casting graphite molding
     Wholesale best sell aluminum die casting graphite rotor
     graphite mold rotor aluminum graphite die
     Custom High Pure Melting Metal Graphite Mould Molding
     Casting Molding Carbon Parts Molded Graphite Casting Dies
     graphite casting die custom graphite mold
     Chinese factory custom casting graphite die mold
     1.62-1.85g/cm3 Professional factory graphite die mold
     elecrtrode manufacturer graphite mold material carbon bulk
     Customize Production Anti-oxidation raphite Molds
     hot sale carbon graphite suppliers graphite mould
     High Strength Metal Ingot Casting Molding Graphite Mould
     Custom Supplied Melting Aluminum Carbon Graphite Mould
     High Density Graphite Box Metal Melting Graphite Mould
     High Temp Pure Graphite Mould For Metal Casting
     Customized Custom Graphite Mould Graphite Mold Casting
  CNC machining/ milling lathe
     FT-620 CNC Lathe with Fanuc Oi mate TD controller
     FT-45 CNC Numerical Control Lathe with Fanuc System
     FMT-600 Vertical Drilling Machining Center CNC
     Numerical Control Lathe Meehanite Casting with Annealing
     Taiwan brand cnc lathe for hot sale in Foshan
     FMC-750 vertical machining center
     FMC-850L vertical machining center
     FMT-500 vertical drilling machining center
     FT-450 CNC numerical control lathes
  Vertical press machine
     Precision press
     Elbow bar-type cold extrusion press
     CNC roll-forging machine of DK43-series
     CNC electric drive screw press of J58-series
     JC-D31 series long-stroke warm forging press
     Warm-hot forging press of JC-JA series
     Warm-hot forging presses of JC-JC series
     Hot die forging press of D26(MPA)-series
     Close two-point shearing press
     Close die forging press
  brass rod/pipe horizontal casting production line
     Full automatic free head pull machien
     Bar straightening machine(for copper,iron,aluminum alloy...)
     Profiled straightening machine
     Furnace head automatic sawing machine of copper
     Guide rod machine
     Horizontal drawbench
  Horizontal forging machine
     Z47-12/4 Multi-station automatic cold header
     ZS308A Multi-station high-speed automatic cold headers
     Z24 series 2-die 4-blow, 2-die 3-blow cold header
     Six-die extended bearing type part forming machine
     Z25 Series thread rolling machine
     Z42 Series double-head automatic nut tappers
     KMZ-B Type hollow revit full automatic cold headers
     LD-1/1000-800 Drawing machine、Z94 series nail machine
     Z41 Multi-station nut automatic cold headers
     Z12 series bolt cold headers
     Z23 Series full automatic side-cutting machine
     ZW-TA type automatic hot heading forming machine
electrical furnace,automatic peeling machine
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friction welding machine,copper wire production

We are producing the Casting Furnace, Citation Casting Machine, Metal Polishing Machine, Leveler, Wire Drawing Machine, Rolling Machine, Extrusion Press, Forging Press.
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