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Industrial electric furnace is widely used

Date  2020-1-14 BRASSMACHINES CO.,LTD Views 3334
Among the various mechanized furnace bottoms, which are widely used and developed rapidly, are step-type continuous heating furnaces. This type of heat treatment is the main furnace type that replaces the push-type heating furnace.
Working principle of walking furnace:
Relying on the bottom of the furnace or the water-cooled metal beam to move forward, step by step, forward and backward, the continuous heating furnace. The furnace has a fixed hearth and a walking hearth, or a fixed beam and a walking beam. The former is called a walking hearth furnace, and the latter is called a walking beam furnace. The walking beam of a heating furnace for rolling steel is usually composed of water-cooled tubes. The walking beam furnace can heat the billet up and down and both sides.
Features of walking furnace
(1) Flexible heating In the case of a certain furnace length, the number of blanks in the furnace is variable, while in a continuous heating furnace, it is immutable, so the heating time is limited. For example, when the furnace output is reduced by half, the heating time of the billet in the furnace will be doubled, which is not good for some steel types. The Foshan aluminum profile extruder and the walking furnace can pass under the condition that the furnace hour output changes. Change the distance between the blanks to achieve the purpose of changing or keeping the heating time constant.
(2) The heating quality is good because a certain gap can be kept between the billets in the walking furnace, which increases the heating surface of the billets, the heating temperature is relatively uniform, the surface of the billet is generally not scratched, and the water pipe on the lower surface of the billet is black when both sides are heated The influence of India is smaller than that of a general push-type continuous heating furnace.
(3) Unrestricted furnace length For the push-type continuous heating furnace, the furnace length is limited by the push steel length, while the walking furnace is not limited. In addition, slender blanks, round bars, curved blanks, etc. that are not conducive to pushing steel can be heated in a walking furnace.
(4) Convenient operation improves labor conditions. When necessary, the billet in the furnace can be completely or partially withdrawn from the furnace, and the furnace opening time can be shortened; it is not easy to stick steel, which can reduce heavy physical labor; it is more convenient to cooperate with the rolling mill ,flexible. Can accurately control furnace heating furnace temperature and control the position of the blank in the graduation design, which is convenient for automatic operation