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Features of forging heating equipment

Date  2020-1-14 BRASSMACHINES CO.,LTD Views 3061
Forging heating equipment has become an indispensable device in heat treatment workshops, especially for the wide application of round steel bars. Hengyuan Electric Furnace has served in the field of induction heating for 14 years, Shandong heat treatment and Hebei province heat treatment, and Tianjin and Beijing. There are many users. Hebei Wuqiao Hengyuan Electric Furnace undertakes the renovation of the old-fashioned intermediate frequency heat treatment furnace and provides users with free selection of induction heating equipment. Our forged heating equipment saves energy consumption, improves working conditions, and increases Suzhou extrusion equipment. Production line quality.
Features of forging heating equipment

High efficiency and energy saving: It can save power by 2/3 compared with the high frequency of the tube.
Low maintenance costs: no fragile, expensive tubes.
Particularly safe: no high voltage, eliminating the danger of high voltage electric shock.
High reliability: modular, integrated and highly reliable guarantee.
Simple installation: only connect the power and water pipes, it can be completed in 10 minutes.
Easy to operate: learn in minutes.
Configurable automatic temperature measurement and automatic feeding system